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“My elderly ‘special needs’ dog has been having her teeth cleaned at K-9 Brite Bark on a monthly maintenance program for several months now. This care has improved her quality of life. The brief procedure is handled with care, compassion and skill. The longer appointments in a yearly care schedule would not be as tolerated by her under her circumstances. This frequent care for older dogs is a great, viable alternative that I have recommended to friends many times, and will continue to do so. My dog is healthier and happier. My sincere thanks for our gentle touch!”

— A.G.

“We highly recommend K-9 Brite Bark as a really great doggy Oral Hygienist. Our poodle, Max, is healthier and happier and now has bright, shiny teeth without having to endure the risk of general anesthetic. Max is 11 years old now, and just really loves the people at K-9 Brite Bark. They have a real special way with animals, that’s for certain. For thorough, professional teeth cleaning for a fraction of the normal cost and without risk of general anesthetic, K-9 Brite Bark is definitely the place to call!”

— Jim & Carla

“At 14 years of age, my Old English sheepdog is too elderly for anesthetic. I rely on K-9 Brite Bark to keep his teeth clean and gums healthy. The tartar build-up was so extensive at his last visit due to my lack of brushing, that I was amazed they could get his teeth so clean. The people at K-9 Brite Bark are so passionate about their work and dedicated to their furry clients’ health, that I would recommend them to any pet owner. Thank you for helping keep my dog healthy and happy, from me and Gordon.”

— W. McVicar

“K-9 Brite Bark recently gave our poodle a thorough teeth cleaning for removal of the tartar. This treatment was without the need for any anesthetic – a major accomplishment as our dog is not known for his patience!”

— Elaine Castle

“Just recently, I had my dog’s teeth cleaned at K-9 Brite Bark. I feel this is a great service to any dog owner, a very important part of a dog’s health, done at a very reasonable price, especially compared to the alternative. My dog did not have to be anesthetized, meaning no risk to my dog. He’s now health and happy.”

— B.M. McClellan

“I am the owner of two Bichon Frise dogs… recently, I had been advised to have the teeth of the 7 year old cleaned. Upon visiting K-9 Brite Bark, I was pleasantly surprised to witness my dog’s calm and willing behavior as he was examined there. There was no preparation or administration of any drugs… I am happy to say that his teeth were beautifully cleaned with no trauma.”

— Yael Wollach

“I am a dog behaviourist and dog trainer. For over 30 years I have brought all my dogs, and encouraged my clients to bring their dogs, to Sylvia McDonald of K-9 Brite Bark. From the most shy or assertive dog and everything in-between, they love Sylvia and will let her clean their teeth. I believe in the method Sylvia uses – it is no different than my own dentist’s hygienist who cleans my teeth. There are no drugs to put my dogs to sleep just to clean their teeth. The price is reasonable and my dogs are happy. My dogs go to K-9 Brite Bark Sylvia once a year, so I can catch any problems ahead of time. At K-9 Brite Bark, they also teach people how to brush their pet’s teeth…for FREE! Happy brushing, woof!”

— Peni Fitzpatrick

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