About k-9 Brite Bark

K-9 Brite Bark offers a wonderful Anesthetic-Free technique, different than traditional teeth cleaning for dogs and cats.

Our team provides affordable teeth cleaning (scaling, flossing and polishing) for your dogs and cats; meaning less stress for you and your pets. We keep your dog or cat’s teeth healthy on a monthly, three-month, six-month or yearly basis. It is of great importance to our staff to educate pet owners and offer the very best supplements, support and oral care for the pets they love. We offer products that help reduce calculus & tartar and promote gum tissue health. We also offer brushing demonstrations so you can maintain your pet’s oral health in between visits, as well as our exclusive and unique Hosting Partner Program which is of great benefit to business owners and their clients. Good oral care can help your pet live a longer and healthier life. At K-9 Brite Bark we treat your pet with gentleness and respect while delivering first rate care that will prolong your pet’s good oral hygiene and quality of life. Referral from your Vet may be necessary for certain cases; or, if you prefer, we can work with your vet to provide quality oral hygiene care for your pet.

This technique is considered hygienic and not to be confused with a medical procedure. K-9 Brite Bark is not associated with anyone offering this service in BC that is not a member of the K9 Oral Hygiene Assocation. A complete list of members can be found on our members tab.

We would be happy to speak to you about booking a
K-9 Oral Hygiene appointment for your pet today.

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