Franchising Opportunities

In striving towards providing the highest level of professional service to our customers and their pets, K-9 Brite Bark offers an elite group of business owners the opportunity to take advantage of the great benefits our special professional services provide them and their clients while serving and protecting those who depend on caring and professional ways.

A Quick Overview About Our Services:

  • K-9 Oral Hygienists will conveniently visit your store in professional attire in order to assess the workable space, location within the store itself, and its suitability to perform appropriate teeth cleaning services.
  • K-9 Brite Bark specializes in teaching the public about teeth cleaning for dogs and cats.
  • K-9 Brite Bark’s service includes two K-9 Oral Hygienists to be present to perform consultations and cleaning.
  • K-9 Brite Bark’s service is performed with ultrasonic scaling and polishing by hygienists trained and certified (manual scaling without polishing can damage enamel).
  • K-9 Brite Bark provides scaling and polishing on all surfaces of teeth.
  • K-9 Brite Bark works with high-quality dental products, recommends and educates clients about their pet oral hygiene care.

As a Hosting Partner, you’ll be able to:

  • Offer Anesthetic-Free Teeth Cleaning in your own shop.
  • Be paid a percentage for each dog and cat.
  • Have your location and information listed on our website for reassurance to clients.
  • Be allowed to place a link to the K-9 Brite Bark website.
  • Make bookings within your own store hours of operation.
  • Receive booking sheets and other professional material.
  • Have the opportunity to offer services and products to new clients.
  • And much more!

Get started right away! We're actively offering franchising opportunities all across Canada. Contact us today for more details or download our Hosting Partner Program information brochure: K-9 Brite Bark – Benefits of Our Hosting Partner Program.

We would be happy to speak to you about booking a
K-9 Oral Hygiene appointment for your pet today.

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