If your pet is a candidate for our services, they will be safely and comfortably positioned in our laps while slowly being introduced to ultrasonic. We then thoroughly remove all calculus and tarter build-up from all surfaces on the outside and inside of the teeth from the gum line down (top teeth) or the gum line up (bottom teeth). Our K-9 Oral Hygienists then polish to keep the teeth smooth and we also apply a conditioner to the gums to strengthen the tissue.

All K-9 Oral Hygienists have had training in animal behaviour and work with each pet to find the approach that works best for the individual pet. Our main priority is the safety and health of your pet.

Since we are not Veterinarians, we do not perform “pocket cleaning” (cleaning underneath the gum tissue). “Pocket cleaning” is only available under anesthetic with a Veterinary Clinic.

At the end of the cleaning appointment, we will discuss how to maintain oral health at home, including: how to brush, what products to use to keep the gums and teeth healthy, and how to use them. We stock and use natural products that are always available to purchase for at-home use. We also offer scheduling for regular cleanings to maintain your pet’s clean teeth – currently three month, six month and yearly cleaning reminders.

We would be happy to speak to you about booking a
K-9 Oral Hygiene appointment for your pet today.

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